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Real-time PCR assays for laboratory use
All-inclusive kits for nematode detection

Our products support you in identifying and detecting plant pathogenic nematodes from soil or plant samples. All our products are based on Real-time PCR.

Reliable detection of Panama disease (Foc TR4)
Diagnostic kit to detect Panama disease

Interested in a robust molecular assay to detect F. oxysporum f. sp. cubense TR4 in plant tissue?

Worldwide, the amount of arable land is shrinking whilst the world population continues to grow. The gap between the expected and required world food production is getting bigger every day. An increase in crop productivity is crucial, however, minute soil-borne worms (called nematodes) are responsible for US$80 billion damage to valuable agricultural crops annually. Sustainable plant health management requires timely plant pathogen detection. ClearDetections offers a simple and accurate solution for nematode diagnostics around the globe.