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Are you interested in ClearDetections products but you require some additional knowledge and/or assistance?

Do you have questions like, is it possible to sample my material? Is it feasible to obtain DNA from my sample? If so, how?

ClearDetections can help you. We offer services to facilitate the implementation of necessary hardware and/or procedures required for your specific process. Tailored solutions to your needs.

Nematode Quantification

ClearDetections offers a dedicated system for quantitative nematode testing. We offer web-based Q-PCR data analysis for laboratories that need to analyze their nematode samples in a quantitative manner.

Moreover, if your laboratory (inside or outside of EU) requires assistance setting-up the laboratory, our services can additionally include support in the planning and placing of the required equipment.

You cannot find your plant pathogen in our catalog? Every plant pathogen that interests you, has our interest as well.

We will welcome any inquiries regarding the development of custom-made assays or the possibilities for joined exploitation thereof.

Latest News

Fusarium wilt disease on banana, caused by the fungal
pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (Foc) Tropical Race 4
(TR4), is a major threat for banana plantations.

In August 2019 ICA - Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario announced the confirmation of the presence of Fusarium wilt Disease Tropical race 4 in the country (follow link). ClearDetections has been in close contact with the scientist in charge of the diagnostic of FOC TR4 in Colombia Dr. Fernando Garcia-Bastidas by providing support and a fast and reliable tool to help identify this problem.

ClearDetections Real-Time PCR Diagnostic kit for Fusarium Wilt Disease is being used to detect the pathogen in infected samples, by providing an easy, fast and reliable tool for diagnostic.

ClearDetections is grateful for the trust and collaboration from Dr. Fernando Garcia-Bastidas and we are available to collaborate with any country or organization facing the threat of FOC TR4.

The first step to tackle the problem is Diagnostics!

For further information and collaborations please contact our Operations Manager Marta Santos.