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In 2016 we improved our Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits by switching from a wet to a dry PCR mix, without compromising quality or performance. Up until now, our kits had to be shipped in dry ice. Not anymore! What is in it for you?

  • Shipping costs & CO2 footprint are lowered
  • Storage is easier & shelf-life is extended
  • Components reconstitution in one step by adding the supplied buffer

ClearDetections presented at the Global Farmers Masterclass 2014, organized by Rabobank Australia. We shared our ideas about the importance of proper and timely detection of plant diseases in soil.

As one of the flagship companies of the DutchSprouts organisation, ClearDetecions also presented the Rabobank F20 Summit held November 13, Sydney, Australia. The value of fertile soil and the importance of smart and affordable soil measurement techniques were the topicsof our speech that day.