The BE-Basic project proposal ‘Towards a quick decision SUPPORT tool for SUstainable use of harvest RESidues’ (SURE/SUPPORT) addresses the world wide problems of soil erosion and land degradation. Next to crop production for food and feed, biomass production for energy is needed because of decreasing fossil fuel stocks. For a sustainable and economically profitable biomass production, soil quality and soil organic matter levels need to be secured. At various stages in the biomass refinery chain residues become available that could be returned to the soil as source of organic matter. Currently  however, no guiding principles exist as to whether and how these residues could be applied in a sustainable way to maximize their effect in avoiding soil erosion. This Be-Basic project proposes to develop a decision support tool that will help to balance the inevitable residue removal and highly needed residue recycling in a primary production soil. Project leader is dr. A.J. Termorshuizen of the Wageningen-based company SoilCares Research.ClearDetections is SURE/SUPPORT project partner and partner of the BE-Basic consortium.

BE-Basic is an international public-private partnership, funded by the Dutch government between universities, research institutes and industries of various scales in the field of sustainable chemistry and ecology. Its mission is to develop industrial biobased solutions for a sustainable society.

Throughout history, few plant disease epidemics have devastated production of an agricultural commodity as severely as Panama disease, i.e. Fusarium wilt, of banana. The disease is caused by the soil-borne fungus Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense (FOC). In contrast to black Sigatoka, the other fungal threat of banana, FOC cannot be controlled with fungicides and produces infectious spores that survive in soil for decades. Currently there is a new outbreak of Panama disease that is caused by the so-called Tropical Race 4 (FOC TR4). This new vicious race of Panama disease is extremely virulent, widely infecting banana germplasm destined for domestic and international markets, including Cavendish, and spreads rapidly in South East Asia. Therefore, the international research and policymaking community on bananas has been alarmed and is calling for concerted action to control this disease. In this INREF consortium research institutes, representatives of different types of growers and international policy-related banana networks work together, convinced that control of Panama disease requires concerted action.

INREF is the development oriented Interdisciplinary Research & Education Fund of Wageningen University (The Netherlands). The project ‘Panama Disease in Banana: Multi level solutions for a global Problem’ was granted research funding in 2012. ClearDetections is involved as INREF partner and has co-developed a molecular detection test (Real-time PCR) for the detection of FOC TR4 in plant material and identification of fungal cultures. More information about FOC TR4 and the project on the Panama Disease specific website.

PromoBanana is a FDOV funded project and aims to protect, modernize and involve the Philippine banana sector and develop the agro-laboratory capacity for the benefit of every producer. The purpose of this project, based on a business case, is to build upon a local laboratory service capacity. This service will provide banana farmers with more efficient and precise tools for detecting and containing fast spreading diseases and optimise their application of fertilizers and other agronomic aspects. The project aims to close the traditional gap between smallholders, medium sized farmers and large exporting plantations in order to ensure food security, improved resource use and build up resilience in an otherwise volatile sector. Currently, the livelihood of millions of people are at stake by the re-emergence of the devastating Panama disease. It cannot be controlled, cured, wipes out banana plantations and contaminates soils for decades. It threatens banana production throughout the world and on any plantation, regardless of the plantation size. This is on top of other diseases and pests, like the ‘Black Sigatoka’ disease and nematodes. By bringing the latest and robust technology for modern disease management, soil analysis and crop monitoring along with capacity building (based on some simple measures) and technology adoption programmes, PromoBanana may rationalise and improve crop production. This may increase incomes of farmers and generates new and more jobs. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is formal partner in this project. Please follow this link for more information (in Dutch).

Who are we?

ClearDetections is a small private enterprise focused on delivering revolutionary plant disease Diagnostic tools to our clients Worldwide. We develop and produce Real-Time PCR Diagnostic kits for relevant plant pests and we work close together with Wageningen University, plant Health authorities and reference labs, to ensure top quality personalized products and services that respond to stakeholders needs.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an enthusiastic, flexible, well organized and accurate molecular research technician. You can work independently on a small team, performing tasks in diverse areas as laboratory management, production & sales and research & development projects.

You will:

·         Be participant in challenging R&D projects concerning product development and product optimization & international projects.

·         Conduct optimization of SOPs according to ISO9001:2015 standards

·         Have an important role in our lab management & maintenance activities

·         Be responsible for production & shipping of molecular biology tools & for their technical delivery to our customers worldwide

Your profile:

·         You have a MSc degree in the field of molecular biology, molecular phytopathology, molecular forensics or biotechnology and affinity with phytopathology.

·         You have previous experience with development, validation and demonstration of DNA-extraction and Real-time PCR-based assays for the detection of plant diseases, namely nematodes.

·         You have previous experience with primer or probe design and Real-time PCR assay development.

·         You can handle maintenance & administration tasks associated with production & sales.

·         You are fluent in English (written & spoken), German and Dutch are a plus

We offer:

A challenging job opportunity in a still small, but expanding company facilitating a change in plant disease diagnostics. We operate in an active business environment where the atmosphere is dynamic and casual. Our remuneration package is modern and tailor made. ClearDetections is based in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Is this the right job for you? You can contact us for more information. If you’re interested in this position and you fit the profile, we invite you to apply. You can do this by sending your English CV and cover letter to

ClearDetections is a sponsor of the next ESN conference hosted from 9th to 13th of September in Ghent! (

We will be represented by our Operations Manager Marta Santos Paiva, do you want to know more about us and our products & services? Meet her there! Send her an whatsApp message on +31 615 063020, or send an email

See you there!

Since August 2017 Mrs. Marta Santos Paiva started as Operations Manager at ClearDetections. She has taken over the work from Mrs. Renske Landeweert who has contributed for the development of ClearDetections for the last 5 years. Mrs. Marta Santos Paiva will be our new focal point for all customers, suppliers and other relations. With the support of Wageningen University and Research Centre she will help you with all of your questions, orders and any other items that might help you to better diagnostics in the field of nematodes and fungi.

Last month also Mr. Henri Hekman, former owner of the Blgg Groep in Wageningen and currently one of the owners and investors of DutchSprouts/SoilCares, stepped in again as the sole investor.

ClearDetections is currently delivering diagnostic kits to more than 20 different countries all over the world, from our base in Wageningen, the Netherlands and hometown of one of the best known Agri Universities of the world. We will continue to work every day in order to help you achieve revolutionary diagnostics!

For more information please contact:

Mrs. Marta Santos Paiva:

Mob.: +31 6 1506 3020


Mr. Henri Hekman:

Mob.: +31 6 5200 2178


In 2016 we improved our Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits by switching from a wet to a dry PCR mix, without compromising quality or performance. Up until now, our kits had to be shipped in dry ice. Not anymore! What is in it for you?

  • Shipping costs & CO2 footprint are lowered
  • Storage is easier & shelf-life is extended
  • Components reconstitution in one step by adding the supplied buffer