To reduce our environmental impact we are implementing a politic of reducing printed paper. Most information regarding our products will be in this page, if you require something specific please do not hesitate to send an email to or contact your contact person directly.


Do you need the latest MSDS from our products? Please find them below.

User Manuals

Do you have the latest version of our manuals? Please verify on the footer of your printed manual your version and compare with the one’s presented below. Our products and manuals are in continuous improvement and a later version might have been released.

DNA extraction from Nematodes & Nematode Suspensions

DNA extraction from Banana Plant Tissue

Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Do you need a CoA from our products for your laboratory accreditation? Please send an email to stating your kit lot number and it will be promptly sent to you. All components included in ClearDetections products are thoroughly tested before being included in our kits. We can help you comply with the requirements of your laboratory accreditation.

Certification ISO9001:2015

We are at this moment finishing the implementation of ISO9001:2015. Once we have our final certificate we will include it in this section.

Validation Reports

All our products are validated using as guidelines the documents ‘National guideline for validation of detection and identification methods for plant pathogens and pest organisms’ (Dutch National Reference Laboratory, March 2010) and the EPPO document ‘Specific requirements for laboratories preparing accreditation for a plant pest diagnostic activity’ (EPPO, 2014). Do you request a validation report for your laboratory accreditation? Please contact us using and it will be promptly provided.