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Nematode Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

Nematode Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits

ClearDetections Real-Time PCR diagnostic kits enhance the accuracy of your nematode identification and detection with a yes/no genetic test. Confirm phenotypic diagnoses and replace the need for microscopy altogether. Multiple species can be combined in one PCR run, as the Ta for all ClearDetections Real-Time PCR assays is equal.

Nematode Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

Choose the kit(s) that suits you the best:

  • General¬†nematode assay (to be used as extraction control)
  • Bio indicator nematode assay (genera or family specific)
  • Plant pathogenic nematode assay (genera or species-specific)

Included in each kit:

  • Lyophilized PCR mix
  • Specific primer set(s)
  • Lyophilized Positive amplification control
  • Resuspension buffer

General Nematode Real-Time PCR Diagnostic kit

Product code Description
RT-N-D-GENS General Nematode Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kit

Nematode Genera and Family Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

Product code Genus/Family
RT-N-W-0101 Anatonchidae M4*
RT-N-W-0201 Aphelenchidae*
RT-N-W-0301 Aphelenchoididae*
RT-N-W-0501 Cephalobidae*
RT-N-W-0601 Diphterophoridae*
RT-N-W-0801 Dorylaimida D1*
RT-N-W-0802 Dorylaimida D2*
RT-N-W-0803 Dorylaimida D3*
RT-N-W-1101 Helicotylenchus spp.*
RT-N-D-1302 Meloidogyne tropical spp.
RT-N-D-1303 Meloidogyne spp.
RT-N-W-1401 Monohysteridae*
RT-N-W-1501 Mononchidae M2*
RT-N-W-1502 Mononchidae M3*
RT-N-W-1601 Mylonchulidae M1*
RT-N-D-1701 Paratrichodorus spp.
RT-N-W-1801 Paratylenchus spp.*
RT-N-W-1901 Plectidae (w.o. Anaplectus)*
RT-N-W-2201 Rotylenchus spp.*
RT-N-D-2801 Steinernema spp.
RT-N-W-2301 Teratocephalidae*
RT-N-D-2401 Trichodorus spp.
RT-N-W-2501 Tylolaimophorus spp.*

Nematode Species Specific Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Kits

Product code Species
RT-N-D-0302 Aphelenchoides besseyi
RT-N-D-0303 Aphelenchoides fragariae
RT-N-W-0304 Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi*
RT-N-W-0305 Aphelenchoides subtenuis*
RT-N-D-0401 Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
RT-N-D-0701 Ditylenchus destructor
RT-N-D-0704 Ditylenchus dipsaci
RT-N-D-1001 Globodera pallida
RT-N-D-1002 Globodera rostochiensis
RT-N-D-1003 Globodera tabacum
RT-N-D-1201 Heterodera avenae
RT-N-D-1202 Heterodera betae & trifolii
RT-N-D-1204 Heterodera glycines
RT-N-D-1205 Heterodera schachtii
RT-N-D-1305 Meloidogyne chitwoodi
RT-N-D-1307 Meloidogyne enterolobii
RT-N-D-1309 Meloidogyne fallax
RT-N-D-1310 Meloidogyne hapla
RT-N-D-1311 Meloidogyne minor
RT-N-D-1312 Meloidogyne naasi
RT-N-D-1702 Paratrichodorus nanus
RT-N-D-1703 Paratrichodorus pachydermus
RT-N-D-1704 Paratrichodorus teres
RT-N-D-2001 Pratylenchus crenatus
RT-N-D-2002 Pratylenchus neglectus
RT-N-D-2003 Pratylenchus penetrans
RT-N-D-2004 Pratylenchus pratensis
RT-N-D-2005 Pratylenchus thornei
RT-N-D-2006 Pratylenchus vulnus
RT-N-D-2101 Radopholus similis
RT-N-D-2402 Trichodorus primitivus
RT-N-D-2403 Trichodorus similis
RT-N-D-2404 Trichodorus viruliferus
RT-N-D-2701 Xiphinema index

 * Assay not yet available in lyophilized format.

Real-Time PCR Diagnostic kits are available from a minimum of 50 reactions.

The ClearDetections diagnostic kits are designed for Real-Time PCR applications. However, most of them are also suitable for conventional PCR.

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